Humvee ex-USMC M1037 shelter carrier

Ex-USMC M1037 shelter carrier, it has a 6.2l v8 diesel engine with a 3 speed automatic gearbox. The Humvee has done 25,000 miles. Full UK registered with import paperwork. This is not a Humvee that has been assembled from several donor Humvees or a cut about film vehicle .It has central tyre inflation system fitted to every wheel, this includes extra gauges and controls near to the drivers seat which you can see in the pictures (this is a rare military option for Humvees)

It also has military air-conditioning fitted, under floor seal protection kit along with the drive train under body rock protection kit. Being a later year Humvee than you normally see for sale it has the full-length rear bumper, radial wheels and tyres, later seas and steering wheel. Also fitted are sun visors, self-cancelling indicators.

As this is a shelter carrier it is fitted with the 200 AMP 28 volt generator and rev counter (above the wiper motor). There is no rust anywhere on the frame or chassis. It also has the latest KDS glow plug control system.

Being a shelter carrier the load bed of this truck is completely undamaged or dented.

It has the proper square military batteries, a pioneer rack with the tools under the rear of the vehicle and it runs, starts and drives great. The roof rack is fitted with brackets for a .50cal, there are twin radio racks fitted.

As can be seen from the photos there is a spare wheel carrier on the rear bumper, this is a non-military item but can be easily removed – four bolts hold it to the bumper.

All wiring to the aerial mount is present and in working order.

In the front there are two M16 rifle holders (driver and passenger) this is the optional mount that allows the M16 to be fitted with the M203 grenade launcher and fit into the mount.

It is currently configured as a troop carrier but other options are available to the purchaser at a price i.e. 2 man pick up, hard top/slant back – full kit, doors, gun ring etc, four man soft top pick up, 4 man pick up with an enclosed cargo area soft top, front hydraulic or electric winch, rear electric winch. 4 radial wheels and tyres or 4 bias ply tyres

Will part-ex for a M41 Walker Bulldog, Leopard MBT, M32 Sherman recovery, Israeli super Sherman (diesel) or an M18 Hellcat. Any of these are wanted for a straight purchase.

Price £37,500.

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Mark Robinson

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