Stuart Tank Parts

Continental W670-9a Stuart tank engine, No clutch, cowl or fan, includes stand, Ex Australia, Condition unknown

Continental W670-9a Stuart tank engine, x2 mags, starter motor, Ex Australia, condition unknown

Continental W670-9a Stuart tank engine, no ancilliaries, Ex Australia, condition unknown

37mm Gun Mount, yoke, slide and recoil cylinder assly.(All replicas)

37mm Gun side plate.

37mm Gun Travel lock. (new casting)

Armoured Fuel tank top plate. (No armoured cap)

Oil expansion tank, (good condition)

Fuel tank, RHS, Good usable condition, ex Australia.

X2 Final drive asslys, ex Australia

12v NOS starter motor.

NOS Fuel filter.

Pistol Port operating handle.


All items are now surplus to our M3 restoration.

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Carl Brown : 07889 127720

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