Tiger 1 and Stug III Replicas

‘Tiger 1’

Well known, UK based, Tiger 1 replica is now up for sale.

Built on a T55 tank chassis. Completely manufactured from steel. Runs and drives well, full power traverse and hand elevation. Gas firing 88 mm replica main Gun. Recent new steering brakes and clutch. Ready to go. Export worldwide no problem.

Highly campaigned in the Re-enactment world and ultimately one of the best replicas around. Be ‘KING OF THE BATTLEFIELD’ !


‘Stug III’

Built on FV 432 APC chassis with mid mounted reconfigured FV 432 power Pack. Runs and drives well. Completely manufactured from steel. Ready to go.

Well known vehicle from the re-enactment world. Export worldwide no problem.

The Stug is now sold!

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Carl Brown : 07889 127720