1985 M998 HMMWV

Excellent condition, very clean, original US Marine Corps M998 HMMWV. This first series Humvee has; GM 6.2 liter N/A diesel engine, GM 400T 3 speed automatic transmission without park, New Process 218 full time four wheel drive, 3 position transfer case and 8 lug bias ply tyres with one spare. All tyres are in excellent condition with few miles. The sale includes two body configurations: the M996 2 Man Ambulance body currently installed and all of the components for a complete M998 4-man soft-top configuration (4 soft sided doors, four door top, cargo top (all OD green), B pillar, C pillar, 2 rear support bows and mounting bracket, 2 cab roof side rails). All vinyl components in soft-top kit are in excellent condition. The vehicle starts and drives well, all systems functioning, current mileage is 19600 miles. An additional key switch has been added for security purposes. This truck has been well maintained and is stored inside.
Basic Issue Items (BII) included; Pioneer rack, shovel, pick, axe, jack, jack handle, wheel lug wrench, 2 military litters, operator manual.
Shipping measurements: Length 513cm, Height 213cm, Width 216cm, Weight 3068kg

This HMMWV is a M998 with M996 body installed. It does not have patient heater, or NBC system.

Prefer to trade (exchange) for British AFVs and spares. This vehicle is currently in the US but export can be arranged to the United Kingdom. The cost of export can be arranged in the trade(exchange) agreement. We can provide US export documents and arrange shipping.

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Khaki Corps Imports: (918) 698-1955
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