MG34 Lafette Dated 1939

A fine early example of the MG34 heavy tripod, all matching numbers and nicely waffen amp stamped and dated 1939. Original pads on the front leg it also has the spare bolt box on the left hand side.
The mechanisim is fully functional, it can either be used for firing on fixed lines or by the gunner to engage individual targets or it can be set up to fire with a selectable sweep of fire which is operated by the recoil of the MG when firing and on each recoil it adjusts the point of aim so the next bullet is travelling somewhere different to the previous round. In this mode it is possible for the Lafette to get the gun to swing in a pattern of fire left to right and on completion of the set cycle of fire to lay down a pattern that is almost like a laying down figure of 8. The gunner is able to adjust the length of sweep to suit the field of fire he wants to lay down. This option is perfect to cover areas for 'fixed' lines of fire and over lap killing zones with other similar set up MG34's.
The Lafette can be adjusted to fire at high elevation, to enable the aimed bursts of fire to almost fall vertically and directly into the enemy slit trenches.

A typically fine piece of German over-engineering which made the 'gun team' confident in their ability to engage and destroy the enemy.
The condition of this Lafette is very good. It has been painted in the typical post-war Norwegien Army Green, if you took some time it is possible to remove the green paint exposing the original WWII Wehrmacht grey paint underneath.

The Lafette and AA extention bar are both dated 1939 it has just been noticed that they have both been made by the same manufacturer bearing that Companies 'Triangular' symbol next to the year of manufacture (1939) but best of all, they were both inspected by the same 'quality control' inspector in 1939 and stamped with his own personal Waffen amp acceptance stamp of 'Wa A200'.
Price £1500

2/ Anti-aircraft MG34 Lafette extention bar.
This is the extention bar that is used when the Lafette is set up as a Flak MG Lafette.
Overall lenght of the extention bar 54 cm.
The extention bar is dated 1939 and is waffen amp stamped.
The condition is good but it is missing the locking clip that would secure it to the spiggot on the Lafette.
Price £150.

3/ Winter Triggers.
I have 3 types of winter triggers (These winter triggers are NOT integeral working parts of any gun or firearm).
These winter triggers are used when the gunner or soldier is wearing gloves or heavy winter mitts and cannot operate the trigger in the usual way.

3a/ The MG34 /42 Winter trigger clips onto the handle and the gun and a spilt pin acts as a spindle for a roller which connects to the standard trigger, in other words you squeeze the winter trigger with your cupped hand as opposed to using just your index finger.
Condition is very good.
Price £160.

3b/ MP40 Winter trigger. This trigger clips into the trigger housing of the MP40 and is locked into place by a back plate thereby giving an external trigger beneath the trigger guard housing, again this is for use when wearing heavy winter mitts or gloves. I should imagine there were a lot of ND's when using these triggers as you have an exposed trigger to snag on clothing and equipment.
I think the winter trigger will also fit the MP44, I have not tried it but I been told it does fit.
I have 2 of these and they were both picked up on the Eastern Front, Northern Sector.
Fair condition £75.
Good condition £150.

3c/ Mauser 98 rifle Winter triggers. This fits the 98 is the same way as the MP40 and is used for the same reason.
These were also picked up on the Eastern Front.
Condition varies from poor to good.
Poor £25.
Fair £40.
Good £60.

As I have stated earlier, these Winter Triggers do not form any integeral part of a firearm. They are being offered for sale to UK only as a collecting curio. I do not want to be involved with any exportation of these items so PLEASE don't ask.

All post and packing is to be paid for by the buyer, this will be done at cost with additional insurance if the buyer does so request.

Thanks for looking, any questions or if you would like some information or additional photographs PLEASE ask.

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Dave Hucklebridge :07737 348856
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