WW2 Armored vehicles and restoration projects

1 each very rare M24 reconnaissance tank,WW2, needs mechanical overhaul.
1 each Sherman/Jackson M36 tank destroyer,needs mechanical overhaul, some battle damage,very nice restoration project.
1 each Halftrack M16, M16A1, M3 uncut armor and intact chassis,needs mechanical overhaul.
1 each BMP1 tank, recovered from the British Army after the first Gulf war, some kight battle damage,mechanics OK, rare historic tank

1 each Sherman M4 restoration project with turret still installed, needs a complete restoration, without main gun and power pack, one side battle damaged, USA registration number still visible on hull. Many automotive components available on request, only in conjunction with the sale of the M4/
Sherman tank.
One each cast hull Sherman M4 for sale, battle damaged, one turret available with separate negotiation as well as many automotive components.
1 each Sherman M7 Priest without main gun and without power pack ,nice hull.
Many front and rear hull parts for Sherman M4 available for sale. Please understand that the recovery of these spares was very expensive including transport, these hull parts are expensive as well.
2 each WW2 Halftracks for sale one M2 and one M3 series of APC.
1 each very early M8 Armored car, serial number around 700,1943, very complete inside/outside,with taken out Steyr Diesel or Hercules JXC petrol powerpack,original deact 37mm main gun, 1943 dated,POA

1 each Saracen uparmored 6x6 armored personnel carrier, ideal for US police Swat teams,very heavy and reliable armored vehicle, dry stored,overhauled by the MOD,POA

1 each extremely rare M48 main battle tank, restoration project with deactivated 90mm maain gun, very impressive tank, tak out petrol powerpack included in the lot, POA

1 each Sherman M74 recovery tank, very complete inside, HVSS large tracks, restoration project,POA

1 each Sherman M4, built february 1944, very complete inside/outside with rubber tracks, WW2,without powerpack, easy restoration project, with deact 75mm main gun, M34A1 gun mantlet assembly. USA factory registration number and British/Canadian Army "T" registration numbers still visible, POA

1 each Leopard 1 very early Leopard 1 A series, fully operational with Mercedes benz Diesel engine V10,main gun demilled, export license and end use certificate required . One of only a handful available on the collectors market worldwide extremely rare.
1 each Panzer 68 ,condition like new. Main gun demilled. Export license and End use certificate required.
1 each self propelled howitzer M108,Vietnam area, needs mechanical overhaul,
with demilled 105mm gun
1 each M108 SP Howitzer from the fire range, damaged, makes a nice static display exhibit.
One each very rare Walker Bulldog M41 Tank for sale with deactivated main gun, without power pack.
One each hull M41 for spare parts for sale
Several demilled tank gun tubes for sale without breech block.
1 each Bren Gun Carrier/ T16 Lloyd carrier hull, only for static display.
One each very rare French 8X8 EBR reconnaissance vehicle with 76mm main gun for sale, restoration project

Please specify in your e mail your full address and landline telephone number. Thank you very much for your comprehension.

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Army Cars Germany: 0049 151 220 25534
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