Sd.Kfz 222 replica

We put on the market exact replica of light reconnaissance vehicle of the German army type Sd. Kfz. 222 - Katrin.
The vehicle is full functional replica determination in particular participation in reconstructions of battles of the World War II and "Living History", for shooting the films and for presentation purpose. For these purposes is full reduce its construction and appointment. Outward of the vehicle full corresponds with pattern. Interior of the vehicle is subject to its construction and interior appointment and maximum functionality in fight.
The construction of Sd. Kfz. 222 - Katrin started in the year 2000 and in the year 2003 it was full complete.
Owners of the vehicle are members of "the Guard of the city Hradec Králové" .
During the construction of this vehicle was worked 3000 working hours.
The vehicle is raised on bogie and axles Savien/Avia 15/30. It has oil engine Savien/Avia 15/30, content 3.359 ccm. Propulsion is on back axle. The vehicle is equip with stop-valve of differential. The electric appointment works with voltage of 12 V, full functional intercom for all vehicle's company works with 24 V. The facilities of the vehicle is original, full functional fore and back alight Notek, klaxon - Bosch, jack, fuel bunkers and holders for water, original radio station FU 5, and another interior facilities, such as personal belongings of members of vehicle's company, functional place on sides of vehicle, sheet contrary to rain. It has working implement and another external facilities (see the photo). The militant tower is full rotary and is porched by functional upper cage. The rotation iis provided by manual work. Cannon carriage and beds for the machine-gun is fully functional in elevation from - 6 to + 80 degrees. The tower is accommodated by functional replica of cannon KwK 30, operating "single shot" with black gun-powder. The machine-gun MG 34 isn´t component of the vehicle. The camouflage of the vehicle is from the years 1944-45 for east and west front. The tactical labelling of vehicle: the 2nd iron-clad research division, labelling of continuity is Wehrmacht or Waffen SS.

Parameters of replica Sd.Kfz.222
Vehicle's company- 3 men
Weight- 3,2 t
Length- 480 cm
Breadth- 195 cm
Height- 200 cm
Engine- Avia 15/30
Max.speed- 90/km/hour
Armour- front 6 mm
side- 6 mm
floor- 4 mm
tower from the front- 4 mm
from the side- 4 mm
cannon 20 mm KwK 30 (single shot)
Machine-gun MG 34 - functional for shooting rations - it isn´t for sale

Communicate only by e-mail:
Buyer pays transportation costs.
Price: 48.500- USD.

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Radek Balcárek:+420 608216662
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