25 Pdr Gun/How 1942 G M H Australia

External restoration mostly complete, minor parts still to fit. Some parts missing.
Tows well on good condition WW2 tyres.
Trail internal inspection plates are refitted.
25 Pdr Gun Accessories included
Field Clinometer c/w leather case
Ammo keys: 119 Mk 1, 120 Mk 2, 121 Mk 1, 224, Key charge range adjusting.
Paralleloscope c/w Tripod
Aiming Circle No 7 B Aust c/w Tripod
Arty Board No 3 Mk 1 c/w Tripod;
Arty Boards Correction of the moment
Arty Boards Angle of Departure
Firing Lanyard, Hammer Lead Head, Arty Slide Rule 10 in Mk 2.
Ammo Box No P 59:- Stowage 4 x Projectiles HE or Smoke with internal storage rack c/w supplied: 4 Projectiles Smoke included w/o fuzes
Ammo Box No C206:- Stowage 8x Cases brass c/w 1 Brass case included
Ammo Box No P 60 1942:- Stowage 4x A P Projectiles c/w 2 Projectiles included.
$26,000 (AUD)

Gun is rendered innocuous for compliance to Queensland Weapons Laws and is listed on my weapons register.

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Rod Keys: 0061 7 5494 2232 mob 0061 429 809 306
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