Major Collection of WW2 Deactivated Weapons for sale

Selling my entire collection as want to move on to collect different period. Lots of guns and way to many to photograph individually. Total value of guns around (at current rates) £56,000. All WWII based collection.


This is my personal collection I am not a trader.

MP28, MP34, MP40, MP41, Erma EMP, S100 Suomi Submachine gun, ZK 383, SMG, BAR, ZB37 machine gun + tripod, DP28 light machine gun, MAS 36 rifle, K98, Johnson Rifle, Nagant Carbine, Sten mk3, Sten Mk2, No5 Jungle carbine, Carcano rife, Garand, Springfield rifle, No4 Enfield, Lanchester mk 1 * SMG, Thompson M1 A1 SMG, ppsh 41 SMG, Nagant sniper, Nagant (very old spec), Carl Gustaf (Swedish) Light Machine gun, M1 carbine, Chaterault LMG, Arisaka last ditch rifle, Grease gun, Vickers with tripod, cooling tin, bullet belt, chest for gun and chest for tripod, 30 cal, Panzershrek + round, Nambu Type 14 pistol, Nambu Type 94 pistol, Webley flare pistol, Colt, browning high power, enfield no 2 mk1, enfield no 2 mk 1 *, German Flare pistol, Mauser HSC pistol, P38, Mosin revolver, Tokarev pistol, Bren dovetail ,Bren anti air drum mag, MG34, MG42, K98 (old live), No4 T plus scope plus scope tin (freshly deactivated), No4 Enfield (freshly deactivated), Nagant sniper (freshly deactivated), Nazi Browning pistol, Nazi Luger WWI, Gw 98 rifle, ZB 30 lmg.

If you are interested in the lot please contact me. I may split at a later date. I have been collecting a long time and know what they are worth (retail) so please do not bother to make silly offers.

Contact by email only.

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Simon Freeman : 07971475960
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