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2nd Armoured Goes Czech


Following on from 2nd Armored’s successful tours through Normandy in 2004, 2006 and then Belgium and Maastricht last year (2009),
2nd Armored will be participating in the “Liberation of Plzeñ 2010” event in the Czech Republic

This re-enactment group will be portraying elements of the 2nd US Calvary Group, comprising of elements of 16th Armored Division.
Then half way through the tour it will then re-badge to represent 4th US Armored Division to re-enact the scene on the Podolsky bridge at Pisek
where the Russians met up with the US forces under General Patton.
In this respect entries are now being accepted from eligible re-enactors.
Strict codes of conduct will apply and attention to detail will be everything, so if you feel that you are up for the challenge and would like to apply
for membership of this group and participate in its tour, you should e mail without further delay.
The tour will commence from Plzeñ and terminate in Pisek. Collection points for participants will be in the UK, Maastricht (NL) and in Germany,
transport to and from the UK / start point will be included.
This is the ultimate trip for re-enactors to travel and camp in unspoilt countryside in the historic Czech Republic.

All entrants will be vetted by the organizing committee and the committee has the right to refuse any applicants at its discretion.



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