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Dashed Bad Luck

Sherman Firefly Crew after the capture Beny Bocage 01/08/44

Spare a thought for Captain Clayton of B Company Shropshires.

During the 11th Armoured push for the Souleuvre River and Le Beny Bocage in August 1944, he was badly wounded during a fight for a bridge on the Vire –Caen road.

Seizing the initiative he was bundled into a captured German staff car and driven off to get aid.

On its way to Le Beny Bocage, the car was attacked by British tanks and poor Captain Clayton wounded even more seriously.

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The tank crews dosed him up with morphia but in the panic, forgot to mark his forehead to prevent further dosage of morphine.

Eventually Captain Clayton arrived at an aid station – to be pumped with even more morphine.

Fortunately, the Captain survived the bullets shrapnel and overdose – though his memory of the events may be a bit fuzzy.

He missed the jubilation of the villages of Le Beny Bocage as they welcomed their liberators.


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