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Carole Nash Launches specialist Military Vehicle Insurance

Carole Nash will attend major events

Milweb and other military vehicle enthusiasts have helped shape new insurance policies now being offered by one of the UK’s biggest insurance brokers.

Carole Nash, one of the UK’s top 40 brokers, has entered the military vehicle market pledging to repeat the success it achieved in the highly specialist motorcycle sector where it is market leader. And it says its new policies have been directly influenced by feedback from military vehicle owners themselves.

“Prior to launch we conducted research which included taking our draft proposals out to enthusiasts. Their feedback was instrumental in shaping the final scheme,” commented Carole Nash’s head of marketing, Rebecca Donohue. “The Milweb team was particularly helpful in calling strongly for decent multi-vehicle discounts which they argued enthusiasts were crying out for. They really pushed home the message that a significant proportion of enthusiasts own more than one vehicle and that our policies should reflect that.”

Donohue says that working closely with enthusiasts has been key to the company’s success in over the years. “Our motorcycle policies have been shaped, tweaked and launched in direct response to feedback from bikers’ clubs, groups and the people we meet at grassroots events. The same will be true with military vehicles as, like motorcycles, this is a specialist, enthusiast driven market that requires equally specialist and knowledgeable expertise. Classic bike enthusiasts might ring around for a quote for a Flying Squirrel and most brokers would think they were a bit mad and the same would be true for Ferrets.”

To ensure staff are up to speed Carole Nash has created a dedicated team which has undergone extensive training, including briefings from one of its own employees who co-owns an array of modern military machines based at the MOD’s Swynnerton Training Area, near Stoke.

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