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Cromwell Tank Wins Milweb Award at War and Peace Revival

Rick Wedlock and his prize winning tank

It is with great pleasure that we chose Rick Wedlock's Cromwell tank as winner of MILWEB's choice of the outstanding vehicle at the 2013 War and Peace Revival show...

This Cromwell is one that was found in Finland a few years ago and is a true nut and bolt restoration by Manchester enthusiast Rick Wedlock.

It's debut at the War and Peace Revival show attracted a great deal of interest and as well as the prestigious MILWEB award, Rick also picked up the award for Best in Show.

Whilst talking to Rick and his crew, (who had no idea they were being judged for the award) Milweb’s editor was impressed by Rick’s enthusiasm and passion for his vehicle and his absolute determination to get the tank ready in time for War and Peace.
Challenging project as it was, the Cromwell was not a chequebook restoration, but a very high standard was achieved on a limited budget, by a true believer.

Congratulations Rick on winning, not one prestigious awards but two on the same day!

Pictures by John Blackman, editor of Classic Military Vehicle magazine - who will be featuring Rick's Cromwell in a future issue.






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