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Morris truck to honour Dunkirk Veterans

Morris C4 will meet Dunkirk Veterans

No-one really knows if this delightful 1939 Morris Commercial actually crossed the Channel with the British Expeditionary Force at the start of the Second World War.

What’s certain is that the truck will make the trip this year (2010), to take part in events in commemoration of the evacuation of Dunkirk.
But only if she can be made roadworthy in time. And that’s where the Royal Logistic Corps Museum – which owns the vehicle – needs help.
“We are determined to take the Morris to France as part of a major exercise that will culminate at the War and Peace Show in July,” said the Museum’s Curator, Andy Robertshaw.
“She goes alright, but the trouble is stopping her because the brakes are shot to pieces. In fact we don’t have a brake pedal at all.
“There are problems with the radiator, not much compression in the engine and she generally needs a good overhaul – no major problems but we don’t have the resources to fix them.
“I am hoping that an enthusiast who understands these vehicles will come forward to help get her in good condition so she can cross to France in May.”
Sadly little is known of the service history of the little Morris. Many similar vehicles went to France in the early stages of the War but most were destroyed to prevent them falling into enemy hands.
Because of this, trucks of this kind are rare.
Anyone who can help can contact Andy at the RLC Museum, tel. 01252 833371, mobile 07768 065054, email

More information on the War and Peace Show website



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