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Military Vehicle Insurance

Military vehicles are by their nature outside the mainstream of normal vehicle insurance.

There are several companies who specialise in military vehicle insurance.
These military vehicle insurers can be found here Military Vehicle Insurance .

Generally, because of vehicle licensing regulations these historic military vehicles place restrictions on their use , specifically non commercial and in most cases the military vehicle insurance restricts for purely pleasure use. With plenty of military vehicle events and major commemorations like the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy landings to attend, the military vehicle insurance premiums are actually reasonably priced compared to most domestic cars and commercial trucks.
Membership of one of the two recognised military vehicle clubs is required by some of the specialist military vehicle insurers.
The Military Vehicle Trust - MVT - and Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society - IMPS both provide additional services to help military vehicle enthusiasts register their vehicles with the DVLA and to validate the year of manufacture - this is vital to ensure that the vehicle owner is able to take advantage of some concessions in Road Tax and in some cases where the vehicle meets specific age, weight and other requirements to validate it's exemption from MOT or HGV testing. If a vehicle is test exempt, it does however have to be roadworthy and comply with current UK law and the driver must have a suitable licence.

What's it worth?

This is one of the common conversations amongst military vehicle enthusiasts all year round.
Each month MILWEB and Classic Military Vehicle publish in CMV our monthly price comparison, compiled by MILWEB's editor, for the most popular vehicles based on over 1000 monthly adverts on MILWEB.
Military Vehicle Valuations for specialist military vehicle insurance are available from RR Services.


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