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British Bulldog for Operation Dynamo

David Kenyon receives the beer from David Wicks

IMPS member Leslie Thacker, from Hookwood, Sussex, had an important mission to accomplish on his way to take part in the Dunkirk Dynamo commemorations. He agreed to transport essential supplies from the Westerham Brewery near Edenbridge, Kent.
With the head gasket on his Bedford MW blowing merrily, and his Dingo reconnaissance vehicle purring like the Daimler thoroughbred it really is, Leslie took delivery of boxes of British Bulldog beer, which will help to entertain Dynamo hosts in France.
The beer was presented to David Kenyon of Battlefield Partnerships – which organised Dunkirk Dynamo – by Robert Wicks, who founded Westerham Brewery. It was then loaded aboard the two military vehicles for transport to France.
The beer has strong Second World War connections. Westerham Brewery has taken on traditions of the old Black Eagle Brewery at Westerham, whose head brewer, Bill Wickett, set up a brewery during the North Africa campaign, which Montgomery claimed helped his troops to achieve victory.
Westerham beer was also dropped onto the D-Day beaches by Spitfires using auxiliary fuel tanks as containers.
Dunkirk Dynamo was a major commemoration of the evacuation of Dunkirk, involving almost 20 period military vehicles from IMPS members, re-enactors, serving soldiers, veterans and young people keen to learn about the rescue.

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