M-18 Hellcat Saving Ryan's Privates at Beltring
We act on behalf of the world's major museums and collectors, plus many individual collectors and restorers. Renowned for our recent high profile success in rescuing 18 Hellcats and M36 Jacksons from war torn Bosnia, we will find and procure WHATEVER you are looking for.
Krug radar vehicle
Exporting historic military vehicles from many countries can be a frustrating, expensive and often unsuccessful bureaucratic minefield. Calling on our many years of experience, ROBERT FLEMING ASSOCIATES will do the complete job for you, including all negotiations and paperwork and transport arrangements.
Using our worldwide contacts, we are constantly handling the acquisition or sale of rare and often unique AFV's on behalf of our clients. We have been responsible for the successful recovery of several rare examples of Whermacht armour from Eastern Europe, including this Sturmgestchurtz (Stug) III and several Panzers.
Are you looking for a specific vehicle? No matter how rare or obscure, we can help!!