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Achtung Militaria German collections

Achtung Militaria specialise in sourcing individual items to create themed collections which are shipped worldwide.
Contact us for further information or if you would like us to build a collection for you.
Find us on Facebook and eBay at Achung Militaria All items are genuine and original.
Postage charged separately The 'Angeworbener Mann Persönliche Hygiene' collection (Enlisted man personal hygiene) Afrika Korps soldiers portable canvas folding wash bowl, Rogerit bakerlite razor (boxed), Rotbart razor blades, Horsehair shaving brush, SS shaving soap, SS bar of soap. - £230 'Rations for the Reich' (Battlefield refreshment collection) Bullard Wanderkocher field stove with original match book & fuel tablets and Selters Wasser glass bottle (water bottle) - £90 'Jersey Occupation collection' Jersey motorcar blackout headlight cover, States of Jersey petrol ration booklet, States of Jersey food ration booklet & States of Jersey textile and footwear ration booklet - £89 'Obere Tasche' (Top pocket collection) Bakelite toothbrush, Personal pocket mirror, Rosodont toothpowder (original box) & Brandwunden Salbe tin with content (burns ointment) - £85 'Matrose Rasieren' Kreigsmarine U-Boat collection (Sailors shaving collection) Kreigsmarine U-Boat straight razor with U-Boat emblem & Horsehair shaving brush - £80 'Feldkommunikation' collection (Field Communication collection) Wehrmacht field radio headset & Wehrmachtelgentum radio salve - £65 The 'Rohr Rauchen' collection (pipe smoking collection) German loose tobacco pipe, 50 gram Regie Feinschnitt loose tobacco & German Vom Hitlerjungen match box and matches - £60 The 'Brauen' collection (Brew time!) Eagle mug stamped 1940, artificial sweetener & German army spoon - £50 'Cigaretten Rauchen' collection (Cigarette collection) 20 Lasso Schwarze Zigaretten carton with contents & Panzer Korps advertising match box and contents - £50 'Frühstückszeit' collection (Breakfast time collection) Eagle stamped Wehrmacht coffee mug and eggcup - £29 German eagle stamped porcelain eggcups best value at £9.50 each and ideal for 'just starting' enthusiasts.

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