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CVRT Sabre 03 FD 02

For sale here is my CVRT Sabre, 03 FD 02.
Bought from Withams in 2013, it comes with the sale receipt and the Date in Service letter from the MOD as well as its military history.
The tracks are in good condition with 78 links per side as per new, fitted Sep 2013.
There is very little evident wear on the rubber pads which are nice and smooth.
The sprockets have little wear and the road wheels are all good (on the outside anyway) with no cracks or signs of the bonding coming away and no hub oil leaks. A MOD recon J60 engine was fitted as well after cleaning and repainting the engine bay, drivers compartment and turret basket. The fuel tank bladder is stored separately with the fuel gauge sender and cover plate as it is currently running off a jerry can.
A lot of work was done on this Sabre including most periscopes, commander’s and gunner’s sights, main night sight, sight shrouds, driver’s seat assembly, brake cyls, reservoirs and pipes, elevation gearbox, NBC filter and ducts, exhaust, bins, all lights, headlight covers, wiring repairs, steering levers and cylinders, and lots more, all carried out by a former REME.
A replica Rarden barrel trough and flash eliminator are supplied as well. See pictures for further details – the turret rear bin is there, just not fitted.
There are some parts that still need locating, such as NBC items, the rear hull bin, a couple of periscopes, but not much.
Any questions, please ask via email.
Video of it running is available as well as various photos during its restoration.
It doesn’t have to be removed instantly once paid for if you need time to organise transport, COVID etc.
Located in Aberdeenshire, various transport options are available online etc. Stored inside.


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