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1981 FV105 CVRT Sultan Tank (Diesel)

Good condition fully operational 1981 CVRT Sultan Tank. Diesel engine. In transit from the UK and will land in Georgia (USA) at the end of September. The FV105 Sultan is the British Army command and control vehicle based on the CVR(T) platform, 205 were in service in 2006.[15] It has a higher roof than the APC variants, providing a more comfortable "office space" inside. A large vertical map board and desk are located along one side, with a bench seat for three people facing it. Forward of this are positions for the radio operator, with provision for four radios, and the vehicle commander. Armament consists of a pintle-mounted GPMG and multi-barrelled smoke grenade dischargers. The back of the vehicle is designed to be extended by an attached tent to form a briefing area.

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