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The Deactived Weapons Association - Fighting For Your Rights

The Deactivated Weapons Association or DWA is a UK non-profit organisation with the aim of providing support and guidance to all of those involved in the supply, retail and collection of legally deactivated firearms. Established in 2014, the DWA was initially setup as a trade-only organisation and has an elected governing body with representation across the trade from importation, through deactivation to retail. All members of the governing body are unpaid volunteers. In early 2016, the DWA offered Collector/Public membership for the first time. Although always part of the DWA's roadmap, the collector membership scheme was accelerated forward in light of EU legislation that threatened not only UK businesses, but the hobbies of UK collectors and reenactors. The DWA is is now recognised by the Home Office and other UK authorities as the primary organisation representing the interests of deactivated firearms in the UK.

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