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Literally Millions of Pounds of Military Items are sold each year via MILWEB's Classified Adverts...

A major contributor to MILWEB’s success story has been our Classified adverts.
They generate an enormous amount of traffic to MILWEB on a daily basis.
Trade advertisers of course get an additional benefit to being on MILWEB as they have button links from the right hand side of the various classified category pages.

We do require all Trade Advertisers to register with MILWEB and pay a nominal annual subscription. We run MILWEB on a full time professional basis and set our definition of Trade Advertiser as " anyone who is regularly buying and selling military equipment , large or small, full or part time, openly or not."
Subscriptions from Trade Advertisers, as we define them, are our only form of income so they have to pay to advertise on MILWEB.
Picture and Text adverts cost £7 per month – this includes a thumbnail and expanded image.
We also offer WEBVERTS - your own full page advert in the Classified Adverts for £27 - for 2 months.
Accessed from your Classified advert, WEBVERTS contain up to 12 pictures and text.
Click on the image to view a typical WEBVERT.





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