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The Military Marketplace is HUGE

Worldwide there are, we conservatively estimate, in excess of 100,000 military vehicle collectors, well over 1 million ex military vehicles in civilian and “second user” service.
Add to this perhaps 250,000 militaria collectors (from the collector with a handful of replica cap badges upwards), 30,000 living history participants and re-enactors plus millions of individuals and companies using a wide range of ex military equipment and government surplus, its an enormous market that keeps expanding as the world’s military keeps its equipment for far shorter periods of time than it did 20 years ago.

A buoyant market for the collectors and enthusiasts has spawned from what even in recent years was regarded as a quirky, somewhat anorakish hobby.

The UK alone has some 300 military enthusiast events annually ranging from small militaria fairs, military vehicle rallies, living history weekends to the giant five day War and Peace Show, where millions of pounds changes hands with buyers behaving like sharks on a feeding frenzy. The hobby sports a plethora of clubs and a handful of good quality specialist magazines are found at all good newsagents. This is repeated in North America and Europe – the military hobby in its various forms is in very good health.

With the accelerated growth of the internet, the locating and collecting of military items has been made far easier and practical than ever before.

22 years ago, when we set MILWEB up, just 5% of the UK military vehicle and Militaria dealers, service providers and traders had any form of internet presence – now, helped by the efforts of MILWEB’s team that figure has grown to over 95%.
Their businesses have all been positively influenced by the internet opportunity – many would readily admit their customer base has widened, often globally and their turnover has increased.
With many of the worlds governments relying on older and in some cases second user vehicles, the procurement of apparently obsolete and unobtainable spare parts has been made much easier since the arrival of the Internet.

MILWEB is proud to have had a major influence on the military marketplace and committed to ensuring its continued development.

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