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Banner Advertising on MILWEB

As a high traffic portal, MILWEB's main page is seen by each and every visitor, so we can offer a limited number of banner adverts.
These bandaids are highly visible and link direct to our clients sites or to a special Full Page Advert.
Banner adverts have been successfully used on MILWEB for:

-Advertising Dealers.
-Advertising Auctions and tender sales.
-Special Offers.
-Launching a magazine.
Event promotion and Ticket Sales.
-Advertising new traders and web sites.
-Promoting major military events.
-Book launches and signings.

So if you have an important announcement and wish to reach the widest possible audience,quickly and effectively, what better way than a Banner Advert on MILWEB?

Banner adverts are available for periods of One Month upwards.
We offer two types:

Full Size Banner - 468 x 60 pixels

Mini Banner - 150 x 60 pixels  
We can also proved special full page adverts to ensure your banner advertising is 100% focussed.  

Animated banners, subject to file size so our download speed is not compromised, are available to clients booking long term periods of Banner Advertising.
Banners should be sent to us as .Gif files in 72 resolution.
Max file size is 15kb.
If you don’t have a suitable banner, we can design one for you.

Our rates are available on request – with discounts for long term adverts.


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