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MILWEB - an overview

Before MILWEB began in 1999, few military businesses were using the internet –indeed most were sceptical about this “new media” offering them any benefit at all. The military marketplace relied on traditional magazine advertising (though most of the magazines were subscription only) and direct selling at military collectors events.So it was the ideal time to develop an internet portal for the military trade.
After months of research and planning, MILWEB launched commercially, on very appropriately, D-Day – June 6th, 1999.
Since most of our potential advertisers did not have websites of their own, we designed and produced their Web Page adverts and as advertisers began to get a good response to their pages, they quickly realized that MILWEB understood both the Internet and their market sector. Many of them commissioned MILWEB to build complete bespoke websites.
MILWEB is widely accredited with launching the UK Military trade onto the internet.
It was crucial for MILWEB to be easily found amongst the major Search Engines, so a great deal of time and effort has been spent over the last four years both to understand how the Search Engines actually work and to ensure that MILWEB and our client’s sites have the highest possible visibility.
Our advertisers have all enjoyed ongoing tangible results from their inclusion on MILWEB. Now, in our thirteenth year, 95% of our original advertisers are still with us and MILWEB continues to attract new advertisers worldwide.
We have been asked to help in the launch several major military magazines, events, significant auctions and museum sales, businesses and web sites via high profile banner advertising on our main page – reaching each and every one of our 40,500 plus visitors per week.
We now operate a joint venture in Military Vehicle Classified Adverts with UK based Classic Military Vehicle Magazine – classified adverts placed on MILWEB appear in the next issue of Classic Military Vehicles.

MILWEB is currently operated by a dedicated team – all of whom who have a proven inside knowledge of the Military Vehicle and Militaria marketplace. MILWEB’s editorial team enjoys a very high profile amongst military vehicle collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. Our technical skills are wide and have developed from many years in computing, even before the Dotcom revolution.

In late 2007, MILWEB launched an Online Shop, selling a wide range of publications and DVD's aimed at the military enthusiast, plus technical manuals for an eclectic range of miltiary vehicles and weaponary. We offer the military magazine publishers a subscription selling service and now offer all the major titles.


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