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Full Page Display Advertising

For those trade advertisers who don't have their own web site, MILWEB offers a full page advertisement for their business. This has up to 12 expandable pictures and as much text as is needed.
Full contact details are included including an E Mail link.
These high impact pages offer an excellent means of immediately establishing a business on the internet and maximising the response from MILWEB Trade Advertising.

Military vehicles in Films and TV

Special Display Adverts

Linked from a Banner Advert on MILWEB's main page, so it's seen by all our visitors, these pages offer the highest profile advertising on MILWEB.
Perfect for advertising a particular service or offer, often as a short term advert, far more tangible results are achieved by taking traffic to a specific advert page than just directing them to a client's web site, where they can easily miss the targeted information. These high impact pages do of course include a link to the client's site.
We have produced many of these pages for a wide range of clients including major museums, government disposal agents and even private sellers.
Military Display Adverts

Event Advertising

For event organisers without their own web site, at club level, auctions and regular commercial operations, MILWEB produces high impact pages which offer an immediate web presence, linked from our dynamic Events Diary and of course they can be utilised in other advertising. With expandable pictures and full contact detail, MILWEB Event Pages are the cost effective solution.

Military vehicle rallies, military autions and militaria sales
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Full Page Display Adverts

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