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Why advertise on MILWEB?

There are over 31,000 reasons.....

Riding high amongst all the worlds top search engines, the ever high profile, MILWEB offers a one stop portal for the military buyer. Our high ranking means we are easily found and consequently our advertisers are found as a result of MILWEB.

Millions and milllions of pounds of military vehicles, parts, militaria and surplus military equipment is sold each year directly as a result of adverts on MILWEB.

Attracting over 31,500 visitors every week, generates huge exposure for our advertisers. These visitors generate about 600,000 page views per week!

With around 1,500 -1,800 classified adverts always on MILWEB, the traffic generated via our classified adverts to those dealer’s websites is vast.

When major TV and Film projects are undertaken, such as the highly acclaimed Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, the first place the property and action vehicle buyers went was ….MILWEB.
Many of our advertising dealers who had never supplied to even minor productions before, were delighted to be invited to supply to such high profile productions.

MILWEB is quick, easy to use and dynamic. It's run by a full time professional staff, who understand the market.


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