Hawker Hunter flight simulator

This is a fully complete and operational Hawker Hunter simulator with side by side twin cockpit; when I purchased this off the MoD I managed to secure every single handbook, drawing, manual, circuit diagram and spare parts in UK MoD inventory therefore it was totally complete and ready for operation at the time of purchase.
Fitted inside a TASKER four wheel trailer and solid drawbar it was used at RNAS Yeovilton for the FRADU Hunters in target work right up to the time when it was originally purchased some years ago.
 It was an amazing item to "fly" as even the guns "worked" using a series of electric driven hammers below the cockpit floor to simulate four 20mm canons firing. The radios worked through central instructor's panel and map display showing route flown.
The analogue REDIFON computer was very reliable and gave the engine and flight characteristics plus a hydraulic power pack gave control stick feel and feedback. The whole back of the trailer opened up with twin doors and allowing the cockpit to slide out on rails to be serviced and maintained. A VEGAR fire detection and suppression system was newly fitted by the MoD.
There are over two ton of spares with this unit all the MoD stock of spare instruments specially adapted by Redifon for flight simulation use, some manuals and handbooks relating to use of the system, all technical drawings, maintenance log books and servicing procedures and all spare computer PCB?s held by MoD for this design of analogue computer.
 As far as I am aware the unit is fully operational but as it has been sat in storage this cannot be guaranteed therefor someone knowledge of the operation of these types of equipment may be required to get it fully functional and/or test its capabilities.
The trailer, containing the simulator, can be picked up with an artic tractor unit but the road worthiness of the trailer will have to be checked beforehand; the spares are located at another site and transport can be arranged. ALL the spares available will be included but no definitive list is available. The price is ex works.
£30.000 + VAT

Ian Varley - Alpha Ordnance: 07749 134726

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