1943 Truck, 15-CWT, 4x4 G.S. -C8/GS (Morris Commercial)

Model: Truck, 15-CWT, 4x4 G.S. -C8/GS (Morris Commercial) Manufacturer: Morris Commercial Cars Ltd., Birmingham
Weight: 3.3 long tons (3,400 kg) Crew: 1 Engine: 4-cylinder, L-head Morris EH, 3.5-liter (214 cubic inch) petrol engine 70 bhp (52.2kW) Transmission: driving rear or all wheels via 5-speed gearbox and single-speed transfer box Suspension: Leaf-spring suspension. Hydraulic brakes. Tyre size 9.00-16. Dimensions: Length: 14 ft 8¾ in (4.49 m); Width: 7 ft 3 in (2.21 m); Height: 7 ft 5 in (2.26 m) Max speed 55 mph Chassis No.: 2283/969 Year of Delivery: 1943 M.C.C. CONT. No: 23/6450 Original census Nr.: Z5801128 (currently on engine cover: Z1722028) Reference BAIV: 7231 History: In 1933, the British War Office issued specifications for a new type of purpose-built GS (General Service) truck. The specifications included carrying loads up to 15-cwt (15 “hundred-weight”= 1500 pounds), and utilization of commercially built components as much as possible; along with short wheelbase, good ground clearance and a semi-forward driver’s compartment.
Five manufacturers produced prototypes including Morris Commercial, Ford, Commer, Guy and Vauxhall (Bedford). Morris Commercial was the first to produce a prototype, designated CS8. The 4x2, 15-cwt CS8 entered production in 1934 before being phased out in 1941 by the improved C4.
The 4x4 PU 8/4, as displayed, entered production in 1940. Even though the PU 8/4 shared the engine and most other components with the CS8/C4, the load capacity was reduced to 8-cwt to improve performance. This type of model of the PU 8/4 carried a No. 11 wireless transmitting set (radio) with a special transmitting table and fittings for batteries and equipment. An auxiliary generator was fitted for charging the wireless batteries. In 1942, the British army ordered all production of 8-cwts to cease in favor of 15-cwts. This became a favorable truck for the British and Commonwealth troops.
This Morris Commercial: The Morris Commercial is relatively rare.
Reason for this is that not many examples survived their many have been scrapped in the fifties and sixties.
This makes this vehicle very rare and very collectable! The vehicle is basically complete and a nice project but needing an entire restoration.
Engine is currently not running.
Will be delivered in as is condition without guarantee.

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