New Ford V8 Universal Carrier Engine

New Universal Carrier Engine.
This is not the one with new gearbox attached which we have been advertising - now sold.
This is just the engine (so cheaper). Sitting in its original WW2 Army crate.
Absolutely the last new Carrier engine we expect to find.
Once its gone that's it! New Ford V8 Mercury, 24 stud engine - a true warehouse find.
Complete with new clutch, new starter and new distributer
The sort of thing you never fit in your Carrier but keep in your front room and lift the lid to take a peek on high days and holidays - after you have tucked your trousers into your socks!
Nothing more to say. This is the real deal.
Oh! I nearly forgot - there's a Christmas parcel in the crate - new carb, fan, belts, etc wrapped in Cosmolene - too nice to disturb so we only poked knitting needles at it - like we used to do with the Xmas pressies when we were kids.
Serious purchasers please - the price reflects the rarity.

Milweb Trade Seller
RR Motor Services Ltd : 01233 820219

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