Imperial L1A1 SLR & Military Accessories UK

Date of list 5th September 2021
Prices current at time of press. Please e mail for stock and price availability.
Most of these items are more than 40 to 50 years old and will have seen ‘service’, and are former
British MoD items. I do of course get unissued gems, but generally these items are used condition
unless stated.
Even more NEW than the newest new !! Absolutely unissued in original boxes…Infantry pattern
IWS transit boxes. £75.00 each 4 in stock.
Even more NEW. For the target shooters amongst you , I now have a 5 diopter rotary sight which
takes the place of your original L1A1 rear sight. Smaller apertures ( x5 ) on new rear sight base
and slider. We used these in the Army teams in Civvy practical rifle open sight events to good
results . £149.95.
NEW NEW NEW...L1A1 unissued Arctic butts. Very very scarce. £299.95 each.
NEW NEW NEW; Arctic butt plate screw securing, with buffer washer. £49.95.
NEW NEW NEW; Arctic butt side mounted sling loop assembly, inc spacer and screws securing
(2) £59.50
NEW NEW NEW,; GENUINE NOS Army pattern Arctic slings. Both 1st pattern with Sterling clasp
and 2nd pattern 2 with HK clasp………£175.00 either type
Royal Marine L4A1 Arctic slings . £105.95
Royal marine pattern ‘tab extension’ for above sling £34.95
Correct Arctic lanyards ….£27.95
Or buy the complete ensemble at £154.95, saving £13.90
Due summer 2021, Arctic Army pattern handguard clamps. Price TBA.
2.Cocking handle assemblies, as new. £120.00
3.Stud cocking handle inc pin retaining . £12.50.
4.Screw axis mag catch , as new. £9.95 NEW
5.Butt washer.(fits under butt screw)
6.Pistol grip screw. £4.50
7.Return spring rod (rat tail) £30.00
7a. Plunger return spring rod. ; £12.50
7b. Spring, plunger return spring rod; £9.00
7c. Pins axis return spring rod. £7.50
8.Plunger & spring return spring rod. £9.00
9.Return springs. (Inner & outer) £35.00
10.Plunger return springs. £11.40.
11.Screw return spring tube. (holds butt on) £17.95
12.Butts wood. Various lengths. £79.95 upwards to £105.00 dependant on condition length &
13.1st pattern ‘triangular handguards. From £250.00 . Upwards dependant on condition. Very
limited quantities available.
14.2nd pattern. Laminated ‘Aussie type , handguards. £250.00. Very limited quantities available.
15.Carrying handles wood. £49.95.
16.Pistol grips, wood complete. £149.95
17.Pistol grips wood, No other fittings. £95.40.
18.Trigger guard and wood filler plate complete. £39.95
19.Trigger plunger, ( fits in pistol grip). £7.50.
20.Spring trigger plunger “ “. ‘’. £ 3.50.
21.Plate trigger plunger assembly. £10.00.
22.Screw retaining trigger plunger assembly. £4.00. ( wood grip)
23.Butt plates alloy. £49.95
24.Screws wood, retaining butt plate. £4.50
25.Sling loop rear, (wood) & screws retaining. £35.00.
26.Sling loop rear, wood only, £29.00
27.Screw retaining sling loop only , £6.00
28.Screws handguard, long; £10.00
29.Screws handguard , short £8.00.
30.Screw retaining carry handle . £30.50
31.Gas regulators, £52.80.
31a. Spring detention gas reg, £7.50.
31b. Gas Cyls new , £55.00
31c. Gas plugs , £149.95.
31d. Piston gas. £79.95
32.Ring retaining gas reg. £6.00.
33.Hold open device (HOD) £46.80.
33A. Body axis pin ( Left & right). £50.95
33b. Locking shoulders , new .£19.95
33c. Change levers. £69.95.
33d. Hammer spring strut. £39.95.
33e. Pins axis trigger. £15.00
33f, pins axis hammer. £15.00
33g. Hammer. £69.60.
33h. Extractors , new. £22.80.
33i. Extractor stays , new. £21.80
33j. Plate locking trigger mech. £39.90.
33k. Firing pin head, new. £13.95.
33L. Catch magazine. £62.95
33m. Screw axis mag catch. £9.50
33n. Spring mag catch. £3.95.
33p. Sleeve sear. £9.50.
33q. Spring , sear. £3.95.
33r. Sear , trigger. £22.50
34.X8E1 - E5 trials pattern charger top covers lower tabs. Will fit early fn’s / L1A1 £150.00
35.Top covers L1A1 when available . £165.95
36.Top covers FN FAL an alternative to the above £150.00
37.SUIT sight top covers, original and unissued. £275.00
38.SUIT sight top covers, made in my own workshops from genuine components £220.00
39.SUIT sight top covers made from fn FAL top covers, a cheaper alternative to the above ,
40.SUIT Sight NEW rubber eye cups. £42.50
41.STANAG top covers, very scarce, X8E1; FAL; L1A1 can take IWS; OIP etc. £175.00
42.L1A1 / FAL top covers fitted with SUIT platform & Picatinny rail. From £200.00(fn cover)
£220.00 L1A1 top cover.
43.IWS Top cover, fitted with genuine platform & my own manufactured rail for IWS to original
specifications. £220.00. Or send your top cover, & I do the rest. £120.00
44.SUIT sight platforms, in the white. Genuine & unissued. £49.95
45.SUIT SIGHTS from £690.00 ( top covers & mount additional, see above).
46.NEW MANUFACTURE; UNIT optical sights on top cover reproduced from original item. These
were fitted to the early 1950’s X8 series trial rifles. Call for details £495.00
47. Hythe double leaf rear sights. £115.00.
48. Hythe trit foresight’s. £55.00
49. Hythe sight set complete. £170.00 (when available) due soon
50. Rearsights, single leaf. £89.95
51.Rear sight detent ( ball bearing) £2.50
52.Rears sight detent spring , £7.50
53.Standard foresight’s. £26.95
54.Foresight securing screws. £9.50
55.Rearsight adjusting screws. £9.50
55a, leaf rear sight, new. £12.00
55b. Ramp rear sight new, £42.48.
55c. Body, rear sight, new .£43.50
55d pin stop rear sight £5.00.
55e. Spring leaf and detent £5.00.
56.Plastic handguards. £143.00.
57.Plastic butts. £110.00
58.Plastic butt plates various sizes. £44.50. New unissued.
59.Plastic plugs, butt. £6.00.
60.Screws retaining plug. £5.00
61.Plastic pistol grips complete with trigger guard. £69.95
61A. Pistol grip complete with all fittings and trigger guard £94.95.
62.Plastic carrying handles. New unissued £29.50
63.NEW IN loops rear & screw securing for plastic butt. £30.00
64.Front sling loop band, for plastic or wood. £12.95
65.Front sling loop screw securing. £5.00
66.Front sling loop. £12.50
67.Front sling loop complete assembly. £30.00
68.Rings retaining handguard. £28.00.
69.L1A1 magazines used ; Enfield from £35.00. When available. OOS.
70.L1A1 magazines NEW UNISSUED. £49.95 each or £45.00 in quantities of 4 or more. In stock
71.L4A1 30 round magazines. Excellent condition. £65.00
78.L1A1 foresight protectors ( Clip on). £15.00.
79.Armourers gas block , carbon removal tool. £49.95
80.Armourers butt removal tool. New unissued £39.95
81.L1A1 cleaning kits with new unissued contents. £45.00
81a. Lever, body locking catch new condition. £54.00
81b. Catch Body locking condition. £30.00
81c. Spring catch body locking. £3.95
81d. Stay, spring catch body locking. £3.95.
81e. Pin , retaining catch body locking. £3.50
81f. Screw retaining lever body catch. £6.00.
82.Fn FAL items also in stock and on order
83.Fn pistol grips plastic. £50.00
84.FN plastic handguards with bipod grooves . £155.00
85.Fn FALO wood handgrips, £89.95 new unissued.
86.FN plastic butts. £110.00
87.Fn rubber butt plates. £40.00
88.Fn steel extra long butt plates ..very rare £ 50.00
89.FN carrying handles, FALO. £35.00
90.Fn trigger guards. £25.00
91.Fn FAL cocking handles complete, plastic knob. £175.00
92.Fn FAL top covers. £150.00
93.Fn pistol grip nuts £12.50
94.Fn FAL sights on gas plug. £119.95..New unissued.
95.Fn FAL SUIT sight top cover. £200.00
96.Fn FAL magazines when available, from £40.00 each OOS
97.FN FAL Hold open device . ( HOD) £78.00. Extremely scarce, and different size to L1A1.
98. NEW NEW in, New HK 33 ( 5.56 / .223”) magazines. £39.50 each or £35.00 each for 4 or
Please note all wood items may have repairs or been refurbished, either in service or my own
Please ask for any unusual or scarce items I may have .
Special Interest, New in.
L42; L39; Enforcer L8, 7.62mm 10 round magazines, made by Sterling Armaments. nos .£220.00
L42, genuine British L8A1 web sniper slings, extremely scarce, limited stock. £259.i5
Just in …1.5 - 5 x 28 SUIT / SUSAT reticule pattern 1st focal plane scopes. Extremely robust for
centrefire and smaller Calibres. Illuminated reticule and fast acquisition range finder. 30mm
diameter tube. £249.95 .
Payment may be made by BACS transfer, account details as follows;
Account name. Mr A R Buckland. Account No;03310289; Sort code, 08-71-99
For international orders; iban ,GB74NWBK60000145719225; SWIFT / BIC, NWBKGB2L
PAYMENT code for International transfers must include the following; 45719225 beneficiary AR
Buckland Cash plus account. PLEASE NOTE; if paying by this method, a £15.00 fee applies due
to Brexit banking changes & charges.
Pay PAL IS NO LONGER ACCEPTED …due to their policy of anti firearms and related business.
Cash by special delivery for safety
Debit / credit cards. Via link system. I send you a link to card processing company and you pay
them direct. 2.5% fee applies to total sale.
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