Imperial L1A1 SLR & Military Accessories UK

Date of list 19th February 2021.
Prices current at time of press. Please e mail for stock and price availability.
Most of these items are more than 40 to 50 years old and will have seen ‘service’, and are former
British MoD items. I do of course get unissued gems, but generally these items are used condition
unless stated.
NEW NEW NEW...L42A1 conversion kits. These replicate the L42A1 from standard No4
deactivated rifles. No gunsmithing required, basic kits inc heavy ‘barrel’,
new woodwork and ‘7.62mm’ magazine Does not compromise your deactivation status. prices
from £490.00. See my webvert on milweb.
2.Cocking handle assemblies, as new. £79.50 NEW
3.Stud cocking handle inc pin retaining . £12.50.
4.Screw axis mag catch , as new. £9.95 NEW
5.Butt washer.(fits under butt screw)
6.Pistol grip screw. £4.50
7.Return spring rod (rat tail) £30.00
8.Plunger & spring return spring rod. £9.00
9.Return springs. (Inner & outer) £25.00
10.Plunger return springs. £11.40.
11.Screw return spring tube. (holds butt on) £12.50
12.Butts wood. Various lengths. £79.95 upwards to £105.00 dependant on condition length &
13.1st pattern ‘triangular handguards. From £250.00 . Upwards dependant on condition. Very
limited quantities available.
14.2nd pattern. Laminated ‘Aussie type , handguards. £212.50. Very limited quantities available.
15.Carrying handles wood. £49.95.
16.Pistol grips, wood complete. £149.95
17.Pistol grips wood, No other fittings. £69.00.
18.Trigger guard and wood filler plate complete. £39.95
19.Trigger plunger, ( fits in pistol grip). £7.50.
20.Spring trigger plunger “ “. ‘’. £ 3.50.
21.Plate trigger plunger assembly. £10.00.
22.Screw retaining trigger plunger assembly. £4.00. ( wood grip)
23.Butt plates alloy. £40.50.
24.Screws wood, retaining butt plate. £4.50
25.Sling loop rear, (wood) & screws retaining. £35.00.
26.Sling loop rear, wood only, £29.00
27.Screw retaining sling loop only , £6.00
28.Screws handguard, long; £10.00
29.Screws handguard , short £8.00.
30.Screw retaining carry handle . £20.40.
31.Gas regulators, £52.80.
32.Ring retaining gas reg. £6.00.
33.Hold open device (HOD) £46.80.
34.X8E1 - E5 trials pattern charger top covers lower tabs. Will fit early fn’s / L1A1 £150.00
35.Top covers L1A1 when available . £110.00 IN STOCK
36.Top covers FN FAL an alternative to the above £85.00
37.SUIT sight top covers, original and unissued. £275.00
38.SUIT sight top covers, made in my own workshops from genuine components £185.50
39.SUIT sight top covers made from fn FAL top covers, a cheaper alternative to the above ,
40.SUIT Sight NEW rubber eye cups. £42.50
41.STANAG top covers, very scarce, X8E1; FAL; L1A1 can take IWS; OIP etc. £175.00
42.L1A1 / FAL top covers fitted with SUIT platform & Picatinny rail. From £145.50(fn cover)
£175.50 L1A1 top cover.
43.IWS Top cover, fitted with genuine platform & my own manufactured rail for IWS to original
specifications. £175.50. Or send your top cover, & I do the rest. £99.95
44.SUIT sight platforms, in the white. Genuine & unissued. £39.00
45.SUIT SIGHTS from £690.00 ( top covers & mount additional, see above).
46.NEW MANUFACTURE; UNIT optical sights on top cover reproduced from original item. These
were fitted to the early 1950’s X8 series trial rifles. Call for details £495.00
47. Hythe double leaf rear sights. £115.00 (when available) In stock
48. Hythe trit foresight’s. £55.00
49.Hythe sight set complete. £170.00 (when available)
50.Rearsights, single leaf. £89.95
51.Rear sight detent ( ball bearing) £2.00
52.Rears sight detent spring , £3.00.
53.Standard foresight’s. £26.95
54.Foresight securing screws. £9.50
55.Rearsight adjusting screws. £9.50 ea
56.Plastic handguards. £143.00.
57.Plastic butts. £110.00
58.Plastic butt plates various sizes. £44.50. New unissued.
59.Plastic plugs, butt. £6.00.
60.Screws retaining plug. £5.00
61.Plastic pistol grips complete. £69.95
62.Plastic carrying handles. New unissued £25.00.
63.NEW IN loops rear & screw securing for plastic butt. £30.00
64.Front sling loop band, for plastic or wood. £12.95
65.Front sling loop screw securing. £5.00
66.Front sling loop. £12.50
67.Front sling loop complete assembly. £30.00
68.Rings retaining handguard. £28.00.
69.L1A1 magazines used ; Enfield from £35.00. When available. OOS.
70.L1A1 magazines NEW UNISSUED. £49.95 each or £45.00 in quantities of 4 or more. In stock
71.L4A1 30 round magazines. Excellent condition. £65.00
78.L1A1 foresight protectors ( Clip on). £15.00.
79.Armourers gas block , carbon removal tool. £49.95
80.Armourers butt removal tool. New unissued £39.95
81.L1A1 cleaning kits with new unissued contents. £45.00
82.Fn FAL items also in stock and on order
83.Fn pistol grips plastic. £45.00
84.FN plastic handguards with bipod grooves . £155.00
85.Fn FALO wood handgrips, £89.95 new unissued.
86.FN plastic butts. £75.00
87.Fn rubber butt plates. £30.00
88.Fn steel extra long butt plates ..very rare £ 40.00
89.FN carrying handles, FALO. £35.00
90.Fn trigger guards. £25.00
91.Fn FAL cocking handles complete, plastic knob. £175.00
92.Fn FAL top covers. £79.95
93.Fn pistol grip nuts £12.50
94.Fn FAL Energa grenade sights on gas plug. £119.95...New unissued.
95.Fn FAL SUIT sight top cover. £159.99.
96.Fn FAL magazines when available, from £30.00 each
97.FN FAL Hold open device . ( HOD) £78.00. Extremely scarce, and different size to L1A1.
98. NEW NEW in, New HK 33 ( 5.56 / .223”) magazines. £39.50 each or £35.00 each for 4 or
Please note all wood items may have repairs or been refurbished, either in service or my own
Please ask for any unusual or scarce items I may have them.
Payment may be made by debit / credit cards.
I can be found on www.milweb under dealers & collectors, weapon accessories & Spares.
I will supply world wide, where allowed. postage and packing, additional at cost.
Please contact by e Mail imperial or text 07375334042.

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