World War Two Armoured Stanton Air Raid Shelter

The Stanton air-raid shelter was manufactured by the Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd near Nottingham (the iron connection is in the mould pattern).
They could be built to any length but usually consisted of 18 precast concrete arch-shaped units (each one in two parts) bolted together to form a standard (after 1941) air ministry shelter for 50 men.
They are often above ground or semi-sunk, or can be completely buried.
As this construction is prefabricated, it shouldn't require planning, but best check your local council first. these are extremely rare to find, some are now listed.
This could make a very interesting addition for any serious collector.
We are able too deliver, but please note, each shelter weighs approx 4 tons, the single ribs being approx 200 kilos each.
There are some cracks, but they are all structurally sound and would still provide air attack protection!
The front and rear of the shelters would best be bricked up, with period bricks to form the rear wall and required entrance and steps for depth being used.

Bradley Wyatt

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