Collection of Militaria.

I have for sale various bayonets (some unknown) and militaria. I am looking for offers over £2600 for the job lot. I am only able to upload 12 photos, if you require more photos please contact me and I will email them to you. Here is the list, there are 3 Bayonets I can't identify.
Mk 9 bayonet. Mk 9 bayonet. Lee Enfield Spike bayonet. British Pattern 1907 bayonet (Wilkinson). Enfield Mk 7 bayonet .Jungle Carbine bayonet Number 5. Tokarev bayonet. MP34 bayonet.
M1 Carbine bayonet. MP56 bayonet. Garrand bayonet.
Swiss bayonet. G3 bayonet. Steyr 1886 bayonet. K98 bayonet. AK47 bayonets x4.
Modelo Argentino bayonet. British 1888 Mk11 bayonet (not 100% sure if correct).
MP34 cleaning kit. Cacarno folding bayonet (reproduction). Simson & Co bayonet.
MP34 x2 mag pouchs & 5 mags. German Airborne bayonet. Unkown bayonet. Unkown bayonet Unkown bayonet. 2 x Thompson mags one with inert rounds. M1 carbine mags x2 & inert rounds.
M1 carbine mag pouch & 2 mags with inert rounds. PPSH 43 mag pouch & 3 mags. PPSH 43 mag pouch & 2 mags. PPSH 41 curved mag double pouch, Mossin Nagant & PPSH43 oil bottles.
AK47 mag pouch & 3 mags with inert rounds. Sten mag.
MP56 mag pouch & 1 mag.

Offers over £2,600

Antony Jackson: 07933 567445

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