Imperial L1A1 SLR Spares UK

Here at Imperial, I have probably the best selection of no. Component parts available in U.K..
New in Superb SUIT sights at £750. 00 inc top cover .
SUIT sight top covers From £179.00.
Never issued parkerised SUIT top covers from £275.00.
Standard top covers £105.00 fn FAL top covers £79.95.
I can make either of these into IWS or piccatinny mounts as per original or the fn top covers into SUIT sight mounts.
New in, unissued in preservation L1A1 magazines at £49.95 each or £45.00 each for 4 or more.
Fn FAL mags at £39.95 each.
Scarce Hythe twin leaf rear sight with detent and stop pin , £115.00, trit foresight’s £55.00 each or the set on spl offer for £155.00, during September only.
Too many parts to list, but probably just about everything except component section 1 items.
Just ask I will probably have it !

Milweb Trade Seller
Anthony Buckland: 07375 334042

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