Vickers Utility Tractor Schlepper VA601B

Found at a collection in a barn in Germany.
He had bought it in the sixties at a scrap dealer near Monte Casino, famous for its Battle around the monastry.
It is a Vickers Utility Tractor, only about 300 ever made.
Ordered by the Belgian army and the Dutch army just before WW2.
They all were confiscated by the German army and used by them throughout WW2.
If you look at the tracks you can see the Germans were inspired by its design.
Look at the RSO, Maultier or Goliaths, they all have the same design of tracks and suspension.
You can see these Vickers Utility Tractors where at the beginning of the development of many German tracked vehicles.
There are 4 known of existence in the world and this should then be number 5.
These museums have an example in their collection: Museum Bronbeek, Arnhem (KNIL-versie met een 20-mm luchtafweerkanon) Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis, Brussel Musée des Blindés de Saumur, Parijs Museo di Guerra per la pace “Diego de Henriquez”, Triëst.
A unique and rare piece of history and historical of big importance by the development of many German tracked vehicles.
If you look at the photos you can see there is proof that it was German used.
A friend of mine brought his Notek light and we fitted it on the holes of the front armour. It fitted one to one!
So this one was definitely used by the Wehrmacht.
Do you want to add something very special to your collection, this might be something.
This will fit any tracked vehicle collection of British or German used vehicles.
More photos and a movie of its discovery available at request. Price on asking.
Because of its historical importance it will be in the higher price range.

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