Kubelwagen running frame - chassis

hallo. finded a restored chassis, I had gear box and other parts to reassemble a good chassis (2-007xxx) it should be a 1942, don't remember if with or without heater.
The gear box is in excellent condition, with new seal, reductors have new bearings and seal, pedal are full working with new bushing, front axle is overhouled, with working speedometer gears. brake are cable operated and wheels have new bearings. steering box is a post war, but have WWII steering boxe, if you need. (for my opinion, to go on road, is better a post war driving box).
3 rims are 3-16 and 2 rims are 3,5-16 post war.
The frame includes : - bakelite dashboard, with steel plate. - repro speedometer, never used. Hupe, 6 volt (not tested). Street lights, Bosch (not tested) front German Notek, with base.
Front seats, no springs, to be restored. Rear bottom seat, no springs.
Repro wood battery box.
4 repro suports for K98. - one rusty, original collar for tank.
Repro steering wheel with horn button. - original steering coloumn, with his original tube.
Original gear box support. - wood frame for floor (very old). - 2 repro fuse holder. - 8 fenders (4front + 4rear) original but in fair cond.
1943 engine (2-0xxxxx), overhauled, running, with 6 volt starting engine and dinamo, with 2 post war regulators. carburator is excellent, original WWII.
Came with 2 distributors, one post war adapted and one really nice looking, both full working.
All you can see in pics is included all located near milano, north italy. best pics and film of engine available.
Any question is welcome.


Andrea Uberti: 0039 338 2397394

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