Alvis Stormer

Alvis Stormer CVRT sought after vehicle.
This Stormer is in great condition.
 Very low hours and good tracks, now surplus to requirement.
 Only 150 of these made and are now becoming very collectible.

In good working order, this Alvis Stormer HVM is a modern military armoured vehicle manufactured by the British company, Alvis Vickers, now BAE Systems Global Combat Systems.
The Stormer is a development of the CVR(T) family of vehicles (Scorpion, Scimitar, Spartan etc.), essentially a larger, modernised version with an extra road-wheel on each side. Like most modern AFVs, Stormer can be produced in several different configurations for different battlefield roles.
It is marketed by BAE as being fitted with many combinations, such as a two-person turret armed with a 25 mm cannon; air defence (with guns or missiles); engineer vehicle; recovery vehicle; ambulance; mine layer; 81 mm or 120 mm mortar carrier; command and control vehicle; bridge layer; and a logistics vehicle. Optional equipment includes a nuclear-biological-chemical protection system, an amphibious kit, passive night-vision equipment, and an air-conditioning system.
Alvis Stormer HVM – The British Army use Stormer equipped with the Starstreak HVM for short range air defence. Under Army 2020, Stormer HVM will equip three regular and two reserve artillery batteries. The tracked Stormer vehicle provides a mobile platform for the Starstreak High Velocity Missile (HVM) system giving the detachment protection and excellent mobility with eight ready to fire missiles and a further nine stowed inside. The HVM system is a low-level Close Air Defence system with a rapid engagement capacity optimised to counter the attack helicopter threat. This highly flexible system is also capable of being fired using the lightweight multiple launcher or from the shoulder. The missile employs a system of three dart type projectiles which can make multiple hits on the target. Each of these darts has an explosive warhead. The system is fitted with a roof-mounted air defence alerting device, providing target detection and prioritisation.
A panoramic weapon sight is located at the front of the vehicle. Alvis Stormer HVM.
Specifications Weight 12.7 tonnes Length 5.27 m Width 2.76 m Height 2.49 m Crew 2 + 12 Engine Perkins 6-litre, 6-cylinder diesel 250 hp (186 kW) Power/weight 21 hp/tonne Transmission David Brown TN15D Suspension Torsion bar Operational range 400 miles, 650 km Speed 50 mph, 80 km/h.



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