1944 White M3A1 Halftrack

Here is an oppurtunity to own one of the most iconic vehicles from World War II.
This M3A1 Halftrack is ready to roll and ready to enjoy. Fitted with an impressive selection of WWII era accessories and gear, this Halftrack looks like it just landed on Omaha Beach.
This vehicle was restored by the current owner and has been to dozens of parades and events over the years.
It is outfitted with a .50 caliber M2 Browning replica machine gun and replica M1919 Browning .30 caliber. This version of the Halftrack being the M3A1, features seats in the rear for troops and features the pulpit above the passengers seat to accommodate the .50 caliber machine gun. Also for sale separately is a restored WWII Ben Hur Military Cargo Trailer and restored WWII M10 Ammunition Trailer.
Both trailers have the correct canvas tops and would be great towed pieces behind the Halftrack.
Also available separately is a large collection of spare parts and two sets of track.
Please reach out with any questions about this great package.
I have more military vehicles for sale.

Adam Buck: 001 717 2536 543

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