WW2 US Armoured Vehicles Decals

Internal Stowage and Equipment Decals to add the finishing touch to your vehicle.
The decals are in the correct period typeface and the sizes and style are based on existing original samples.
They are produced on 80-micron permanent adhesive clear or white film and pre-cut ready for application.
Sets available for:
Sherman 75mm or 76mm - £130.00
M36 Jackson M24 Chaffee - £136.00
M18 Hellcat - £185.00 - (New enlarged set)
M5 Stuart - £120.00 M8 Armored Car - £120.00
M20 Armored Car - £110-00
Half-Track and M3 Scout Car - Radiator Decal - 4.00
All GBP plus postage.
We ship worldwide.

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