Replica WW2 German Vehicles - HCM Associated Enterprises

HCM Associated Enterprises, the leading worldwide manufacturer and exporter for over 14 years, of various replica armour and cannon pieces specialising in WW2 German armour.
Founded by passionate enthusiast Harold Marillier, we are proud to head the market in high quality replica German vehicles.

Our clients include major collections, museums, film companies and re-enactor groups worldwide.

Our fully operational replicas are delighting crowds at military events in the UK, Europe and the USA. There are few WW2 re-enactments where the Germans are not fighting in our vehicles.

We can build and supply a diverse selection and choice including SdKFZ 222,223,247, Panzer 2, Panzer 3, Panzer 4, Tiger1 and Panther's plus many self propelled artillery pieces including Marders, Stug3's and 4's and SIG33.

We can provide suitable technology to make the armament “fire” – safely and legally.

Contact us with your request and we will do our best to cater for your budget, be it a donor chassis build or all the way with a 100% bespoke build.
We also offer various levels of detailing inside and out.

Fully serviced, working examples can be viewed and our team of skilled craftsmen will do their best to deliver you a vehicle you can be proud of.
We can also guide and help you with shipping.

With real wartime German armour and artillery prices making them unaffordable to all but a few, HCM Associated Enterprises offers a very viable solution – that can be used for display or battle.

Contact us for more information – click the Web Site link to join us on Facebook.



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Harold Marillier - HCM Associated Enterprises: 07401 748448