Scammell Pioneer 1941 x2

I have for sale one of my Scammell Pioneers.
One has to go one can stay not really fussed which one, both are 1941.
‘Ruby May’ Scammell has been fully restored about 5 years ago has had countless things done to it and really wants for nothing.
It runs sweet as a nut reconditioned engine clutch brakes axle bushings great tires and canvas.

The second one has only had very mild bits of restoration done and it’s a quite a rare variant with the larger dash board, this one has only covered about 3000 miles of the Speedo is correct but I would say it is just by looking at the general ware and tear of the vehicle it certainly hasn’t done a lot of work.
It was posted at the officer training corp in Edinburgh for quite some time.
Coming to view the Scammells will be the best way to get a good idea of the condition of them.

We are open to sensible Offers.

John Walker: 07949 444243

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