Harley Davidson 750cc WLA 1942 and Austin 10

A semi civilianised 1942 Harley Davidson 750cc WLA.
In fair to good condition.
Engine rebuilt easy starter runs ok.
An easy project to turn it back to a military spec motorcycle  - all the bits on EBay or Michelle Clements in Holland.
Some traces of green paint here and there.
WLA was imported into the U.K. from the U.S.A. about 20 years ago.
 Would consider px on military vehicle or deacts or small artillery piece these are fetching crazy money now and i think this is a fair price so please no silly offers.
This bike will be at Malvern Militaria show June 6th if not sold previously.
A 1936 civilian Austin 10 Cambridge car used as a staff car by the Army during WW2 good condition.

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