M74 Tank Recovery Vehicle

History: The M74 tank recovery vehicle (ARV) was an engineer vehicle which came into service in the 1950s.
It was designed to cope with the heavier weights of the M26 Pershing - M48 Patton tanks series. It could also be used for light dozing, since it had a hydraulic, front-mounted spade. The M74 was based on the WW-II M4A3 HVSS Sherman medium tank using the standard Ford GAA and wide HVSS tracks. Approximately 1,000 were converted by Bowen-McLaughlin-York in the period 1954-1958.
It was used by the US but also entered service in many European Armies.
Condition: This unit was used as a Hard Target Training Object but was one of the very few survivors. It can be a very good basis for a serious restoration project either as a M74 or even back to its original configuration as a M4A3 105mm Sherman tank.
Almost the complete drive line is still installed but for sure it need requires a serious approach, the necessary perseverance and of course Tender Love and Care. It will however be an excellent basis for owning a serious piece of WW-II heritage in a relatively cheap way.
Price on Application. If you are interested in this vehicle, please contact us. Delivery ex works Nederweert, but we can ship worldwide!
For more information, please contact BAIV BV, Nederweert, The Netherlands; phone: +31 6.518 22.502; E-Mail: info@baiv.nl

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