Volvo Laplander, Volvo L3314N, Volvo 4X4

This Volvo is from 1966. Not many with the softskin where made.
You can remove the entire softskin and the top frame. Then you have a 4x4 convertible car.
This Volvo is 24 Volt and has 4 wheel drive. It has an 1800 CC engine.
The Volvo runs on Petrol. Installed is a new winch, tyres, clutch, pump mudflaps and many other parts.
Lots of more video's and photos available. It is located in the Netherlands and can be shipped all over the world.
The Volvo Laplander L3314 is a range of military vehicles produced by Volvo.
In the early 1950s Volvo received an order to develop a new utility vehicle for the Swedish Army.
A pre-run series of 90 vehicles, named the L2304, was delivered between 1959 and 1961.
It was powered by a Volvo B16 engine. Full scale deliveries of the somewhat improved L3314 began in 1963.
The L3314 was powered by the 1.8L B18. The L33-series was offered with different body-variants such as hard-top, half-cab, soft-top, or special versions mounting anti-tank weapons. All vehicles are forward control (where the cab is located over the front axle), except the open L3304.
The base version was the L3314SU softtop. Other versions were the L3314HT hardtop with mechanical winch, the L3304 anti-tank gun vehicle and the L3315 communications version, with a shielded 24V system.
The L3314 was succeeded by the Volvo C303 in the late 1970s.

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