Dodge M37 US Military Truck 1952/3

Dodge M37 U.S. military truck 1952/3 Korean war truck this has been stripped after arriving in the U.K. as a running driving truck 18 months ago.
UK registered 85% restored.
The body was blasted and has been etch primed then painted with raptor oyster. (I have spoken to the supplier & it can be rubbed down and used as a good basecoat.)
Most parts have been restored/painted there are new pumps and carb is reconditioned and is supplied with a rebuild kit.
It should now only need a wiring loom making/buying and a roof section for cab soft top.
 They is a top for the rear but the slats need replacing. Chassis painted.
Best to ring for the 411 as it were.
Genuine reason for sale.

Marcus Ridley: 07779 925537

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