The SKOT-2A version is a personnel carrier, with turreted machine guns (not real guns on this one).
It was built by Tatra and has a Tatra V8 air cooled diesel engine, It is capable of 58 mph on the road.
It is amphibious and was fully working when parked up about four years ago.
It is an 8x8 all wheel drive with independent coil suspension and air clutch and diff locks and weights approx 14000kgs. Due to the current owners ill health the vehicle has been stood for the last four years and will need to be recovered from its current position as it is not running at present.
We believe it to be in very good mechanical condition.
I have very little knowledge of this vehicle as I am only helping the owners wife to sell it, but i will help wherever possible.
Sensible offers near the asking price of £22,000.

Pip Robinson: 07784 553386

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