Gama Goat M561

This is my 1968 6x6 Semi-Amphibious M561 Gama Goat.
This vehicle is a very rare, but reliable Military vehicle which was built in America to be able to cross any terrain including marsh and swamps. It was built and developed to be used in the Vietnam war , and was later replaced by the Humvee.
It is 6 wheel drive , and the trailer is fixed, but with rear wheel steering.
It is remarkably easy to drive , with a 3litre engine.
Unfortunately I am just not getting the time to use this as much as I would like , and it has to be stored outside so I would like some one to purchase it before the winter, which could perhaps store it undercover.
It starts on the button every time and UK registered on a standard driving licence as well as being Tax and MOT exempt.
The Goat does require some TLC and a coat of paint, but the mechanicals are all exceptionally good.
Call me on 07488 330474 Robert Toovey.

Robert Toovey: 07488 330474

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