European Theatre Jeep SAS

Hotchkiss M201 fully refurbished clone Jeep Willys SAS Europe 1945. This is a copy of the jeep used by the SAS Commandos during the Ardennes offensive in 1945 or the Holland campaign.
The vehicle has been created from the period photo attached. The photos show the vehicle has been fully restored, for this the body has been separated from the chassis; the mechanics have been fully revised and tested during a few trips. French technical control OK French title OK.
In order to create a true replica we made all the following parts: - 5 copies of Vickers K  gun in aluminium extremely detailed (not subject to the legislation on the possession of weapons) - second fuel tank under the passenger seat with 2 functional intercommunication valves; -2 dummy rear tanks "long range" type - driver's armour with copy of aviation type armour glass, foldable - right front armour (aluminium) mounted on turret with 2 Vickers and folding aviation type armour window -rear armour (aluminium) with support for the rear gun mount and 2 vintage English fuel cans; -spare wheel mounting on the left - 2 search lights, one on the right front turret, one between the 2 front armour with manual control. - removal of the front grill to leave only 2 - reinforcement of the front wings linked to the bumper; - installation of 2 towing rings on front bumper -functional mobile radiator shielding flaps - 4 additional chargers fixed on the bonnet - 1 medical bag on front right wing with its support - 4 vintage english musettes.
Who Dares Wins" badge on front grille - additional black out on front wings - quick release steering wheel nuts (airborne type) if you have to put it in a Waco glider or Horsa... more small details, which I overlook for after this very long meticulous work.
You can find in the 4x4 Story magazine numbers 74 June 2017.

Stephane Mieussens: 0033 (0)651 518327

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