Alternative L2A2 pattern SUIT Sights

NEW from Imperial L1A1 SLR Spares U.K.

FOR 2022.
THE “P” SUIT L22-AR1. Another 1st from Imperial U.K., …a genuine SUIT optics sight , based on the original SUIT L2A2
Fully adjustable for windage and elevation , this sight will fit onto any SUIT bracketed L1A1 or fn Fal top cover.
The mounts and fixings are all machined new and in my own Armourers workshops.
Ideal for straight pull U.K. shooters, and semi autos firers where legally allowed.
Also suitable for Airsoft shooters, re enactors and collectors who do not wish to spend the cost of a genuine issue SUIT ! (which I have in stock too).
L22-AR1 sight, with mount (no top cover.). £395.00.
L22-AR1 on integral top cover and Mk2 adjustable mount; £590.00.
Also available, a SUIT to picatinny mount. Goes straight on to a SUIT top cover.. £169.95.
This will allow the shooter to choose between a SUIT sight and a civvy scope without an additional top cover.
L1A1 SLR SUIT top covers, £220.00
L1A1 / fn Fal SUIT top covers. £180.00. A cheaper alternative to a scarce L1A1 cover and works the same !
Please note these sights do not contain a ‘trit’ or any other light source, but the reticule is genuine SUIT . ( a downward pointed reticule).
Only from IMPERIAL U.K.
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Milweb Trade Seller
Anthony Buckland: 07375 334042

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