Chevrolet Field Artillery Tractor

Here is a rare 12 Cab Chevrolet 8440/CGT field artillery tractor that requires restoration.
Below is a list of the parts that it comes with, we have also found a running (when removed from vehicle) 216 engine that will be included with the sale.
These are rare machines now and due to a loss of engineering facilities, we have to pass on this project to another budding preservationist.
We would be happy to consider a swap or px against a running wartime machine. CGT Items (not currently attached to it) ⦁ Complete Engine (Chev 216) stamped GM 838941 ⦁ Complete Gearbox with air compressor ⦁ Transfer box complete ⦁ Complete Engine block ⦁ Front bumper ⦁ 5 x Doors (1 in frame, 2 with glass) ⦁ 5 x Assorted frames (2 with glass) ⦁ Engine Cowling ⦁ 2 x Seat runners ⦁ Assorted Body and floor items (Including 6 new locker covers) ⦁ Air filter cover and original filter ⦁ Carburettor (Rochester GM) ⦁ Distributor ⦁ Fuel filter cap ⦁ Dynamo ⦁ Exhaust manifold ⦁ 4 x Wheel cylinders ⦁ 3 x Master cylinders ⦁ Gear shift ⦁ Gear selector parts ⦁ Castellated nuts ⦁ Spring buckle plates ⦁ Fuel tank sensor ⦁ Steering arm ⦁ Accelerator and clutch bracket ⦁ Headlight ⦁ 2 x spring shackle pins ⦁ Clutch bearing ⦁ Clutch bearing bracket ⦁ Fuel changeover valve ⦁ Radiator rails ⦁ Various levers ⦁ 3 x Door locks ⦁ Winch mechanism ⦁ 2 x Prop shafts ⦁ 2 x universal joints ⦁ Hydrovac ⦁ Steering arm and linkage ⦁ Steering box and column ⦁ Fuel tank ⦁ Seat frame ⦁ Radiator cowling ⦁ Assorted body brackets ⦁ A variety of Nuts, Bolts, fittings etc.

Lawrence Mortimer: 07557 107272

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